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籾倉 宏哉
CEO / Producer of PRD.
Atsuya Momikura

Greetings. My name is Atsuya Momikura, CEO / Producer of PRD.

Most Japanese IT ventures have traditionally focused on domestic media and local domestic platforms. It is my belief that moving forward, entrepreneurs such as myself must adopt a global perspective and develop and borderless platforms that disrupt the traditional models.

I have been a marketer for 25 years.

Five years ago, I began working in the wonderful field of 3D technology.
The multiple facets and endless possibilities continue to consume my thoughts.

I am convinced that 3D technology from Japan can add great value on a global scale. It is my dream and mission to make this happen. With this in mind, I assembled an incredible team.

The strength of our team is grounded in the unique personalities of each team member, the trust and friendship within the group, and our vision of what is cool. We do not propose anything more than these three things.

The future becomes clearer.
With a child’s curiosity, we will pioneer change that everyone can look forward to.

Our Business

We commit to providing 3D technology that can be accessed by everyone.


Entry point to the AVATAR CROWD


Use your AVATAR in applications in fashion, medical, advertising, gaming, entertainment, and more.

Pocket Collection

A platform for mass storage, secondary creation, secondary distribution,
and sale of 3DCG data and other data using blockchain.

Pocket Collection
Fraud Detection

Speed is key in the world of content production, and just like fresh food, is consumed quickly. The iron rule is spontaneity and speed. However, it takes time to create 3D contents. To this end, we will introduce a data platform which will facilitate 3D production, distribution, and provide the necessary functions for creating added value. (beta version completed, coming soon)



Pocket RD is actively developing new innovations with the support of SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD., one of the world’s most respected and innovative game producers responsible for the production of several industry-leading CG game franchises, including “Final Fantasy” and “Dragon Quest.”


RELEASE2021.07.15 Fully Automatic Avatar Generation System Pocket RD "AVATARIUM" and Virtual Shibuya Collaborate
We will start a collaboration to accelerate the fusion of entertainment experiences in the real Shibuya and those in the virtual space.

NEWS2021.06.23 We participated in the Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project.

RELEASE2021.05.14 We have been chosen Microsoft for Startups.

NEWS2021.04.20 We have joined the Japan Contents Blockchain Initiative.

NEWS2021.04.01 We have joined the XR Consortium, a general incorporated association.

RELEASE2020.11.17 MY AVATAR, world's first fully automated avatar generator has completed development.
From scanning to measurement, editing, processing, storage, and exporting is possible.
We are calling for co-creation partner for creating digital double.

NEWS2020.04.20 The website has been renewed.


Company Pocket RD Inc.
Founded November 2017
Address Higashi 3 – 14 -15 MO Building 9F Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo


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