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Digital Double

Introduction of Web3 BaaS service from Japan

About Digital Double

There are a wide variety of ways to support NFTs using blockchain technology.

It has been used for traceability and supply chain projects. This technology has been developed by many engineers and companies.
With the spread of the term Web3, business use of crypto assets (virtual currencies) and speculative Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is also increasing.

Based on the concept of "managing one's own information" enabled by blockchain, the Decentralized Identifier (DID), its technical penetration, and the wallet that manages it will be important.
We support the establishment of a DAO (Decentralized-Autonomous Organization) for people who promote a "new concept business" based on a solid track record, offering cutting-edge technology as BaaS (Backend as a Service, PaaS similar to SaaS).

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Cooperation Flow

Digital Double Linkage Flow

Main functions that can be provided

All functions can also be cut out and partially implemented.

NFT and management functions

Token usage

Sanpō-Blockchain, Polygon, and other original chains can be created.

Earnings distribution

Distribution of earnings in pre-determined proportions

Supports many file formats

.jpg .png .gif .mov .mp4 .wav .mp3 .glb, etc.


NFT can be created with an edition set.


Content at a specified address can be published to users who have completed NFT authentication.


Grant NFT and retain the rights to the data and the associated creative stacking relationship.

* Sanpō-Blockchain is a public blockchain supported by JCBI, a consortium of companies that promotes the Japanese media and content industry across the DX industry through a jointly operated platform utilizing blockchain technology.

User management functions

User Management

Users holding NFT can be managed on the service (member registration, My Page function, etc.)

WALLET Linkage

Ability to work with other wallets such as MetaMask. Available to Wallet users of other companies.

Service Unified WALLET

A unified Wallet can be created by the service.Ability to hold Wallets as a service rather than individual Wallets.

User Single WALLET

Each user can have a wallet, can issue addresses for SBT, etc.

Sales and Transaction functions


Basic functions for building a marketplace, such as C2C support, are provided. Credit card payment functionality is also provided.

*Further development is being expanded as needed, including rental functions.


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